Labuan Sait has a pretty gate to welcome the visitors. A little tunnel with tens of stairs is ready to show you the way to get the beach. This tunnel is quite narrow so only one up to two people can walk together. At the bottom of the stairs you will be welcomed by white sand and the rocks. You will be surprised by the appearance of 1 or 2 monkeys so you must be careful. There will be only a few of tourists here. So you can take sun-bathing or just doing other beach activities here. Walking to the right you will find for some artistic view here. Many rocks are standing firmly there; at the edge of beach, in the middle of the beach, and standing there as borders. Although, the color of water is not interesting enough, it is clearly artistic because of the view so that there are some artists utilize this beach. For instance, Michael Learns to Rock had ever utilized this beach for its video clips entitled “Someday”. From this video clip some people who had watched it then realize that there is a beautiful beach beside Kuta in Bali. An Indonesian artist also did the same for her video clip. This is proven that this beach is really beautiful.

  • What you See and Attractions near Labuan Sait Beach, Activity at Labuan Sait Beach

1. Suluban Beach is a beautiful beach with great waves that challenges every surfer to enjoy the surf adventures. The characteristic of wave   
2. Padang Padang Beach Surfing is a famous surf point in Bali with the great waves and white sandy stretch 100 meters from the north to the south
3. Camel Safari at Geger Sawangan beach.
4. Bali Golf Country Club presents 18 holes whereas a spectacular view of Indian    Ocean serves as a background or driving a 700cc motorized ski while exploring the beautiful blue sea lapping against the sand stretching three kilometres from Nusa Dua to the coastal side of Tanjung Benoa.
5. Water Sport at Tanjung Benoa.