Uluwatu Temple and Suluban Beach

suluban_beachIf you love to surf and want to visit Bali, you are about to step into what could be the most memorable surfing trip of your life. Many people come to Bali year after year because of the amazing people, stunning scenery, and of course mile after mile of amazing swells and waves. Before you head to Bali, you need to be aware of two places:

• Uluwatu Temple
• Suluban Beach

Uluwatu Temple is one of the oldest temples in Indonesia and sits on the cliffs up above the ocean. It offers amazing views out to the ocean, sunset, and surrounding beaches. It is also used by surfers down on the beach who learn rather quickly to direct themselves in the waves according to the direction of the temple.

This is a Hindu temple erected as a worshipping ground to the “spirits of the sea.” It has become a hot spot for visitors to Uluwatu and a legend to all local surfers. While you are in Uluwatu, Bali you cannot leave without visiting the temple at least once.

There are also raves held at the temple and along the beaches anytime there is a full moon. The raves held inside the temple will be a lot calmer than those found on the beaches, which may be more ideal for many travelers who want to experience this exciting form of Indonesian full moon celebration.

One of the best beaches to stay at in the Uluwatu area is Suluban Beach. There are amazing cliffs running along the beach with comfortable villas nestled in the cliffs which can be rented at reasonable prices. The surf is always hot on this beach, with many tourists enjoying the atmosphere created by the mix of enthusiastic travelers and the locals who happen to be excellent surfers as well.

You can find Suluban Beach at the Pecatu Village and will find it to be one of the more peaceful, relaxing beaches in Uluwatu. While there are great surfing opportunities here, you will also have the chance at other recreational activities out on the water. That makes it a great place for families or groups to visit, since some can surf while others enjoy snorkeling and other adventures that aren’t quite as risky.

This area of Bali is known for being a hot spot for more advanced surfers, so keep that in mind when you determine who comes along for the trip. Beginners or those who are not quite comfortable on more dangerous waves may not feel comfortable hitting the water with the expert locals who have been living on the waves their entire lives.

Of course, there are other adventures to be explored on Suluban Beach, so those who decide the waves are too much can always find other things to do. Even just walking along

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